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The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) is hosting EVIDENCE 2022 from 19 until 21 September 2022. The EVIDENCE biennial event began as an in-person colloquium in 2014 with the intention of bringing together members of the AEN to explore how to enhance the overlaps in their work to support evidence-informed decision-making in Africa. This year the AEN is proud to continue the tradition of innovation in facilitating collaboration with EVIDENCE 2022. The theme for EVIDENCE 2022 is coming together for mutual learning and innovation in evidence-informed decision-making. The aim is to celebrate ten years since the establishment of the Africa Evidence Network and provide an opportunity for collaboration to enhance mutual learning and the development of new ideas about supporting evidence-informed decision-making.

Read the EVIDENCE 2022 concept note and watch the EVIDENCE 2022 announcement video to see how you can get involved.


Submit Content to Participate at EVIDENCE 2022 in the following categories: 

  • Submit a three-minute video as an African EIDM organisation sharing reflections on what has changed in the evidence-use ecosystem over the last ten years, what role you think the AEN has played in that, and what you envision for EIDM in Africa for the next decade? 
  • Submit a five-minute AFRICA Talk VideoAEN members are invited to share reflections in a five-minute video of their own experiences/context, focusing on one of the topics; 
              1) your own experiences of the past 10 years of EIDM in Africa
              2) your own aspirations for the next 10 years of EIDM in Africa  
  • Submit stories of Change (SoCs)The main aim of this initiative is to identify, capture, and document significant Stories of Change (SoCs) that reflect the influence of AEN on either a story that showcases meaningful working collaborations between AEN members and, how your organisation has supported evidence-use in decision-making by sharing the best available evidence with decision-makers/policy-makers in Africa which resulted in shaping policy and policy-decisions. 

Exhibit your EIDM work at EVIDENCE 2022Submit your application for an exhibition slot at EVIDENCE 2022. All EIDM organisations are invited to submit to exhibit at EVIDENCE 2022. Submit an application to have an exhibition slot at EVIDENCE 2022 in one of the following EIDM categories;

Producers of evidence 
Evidence mediators/knowledge brokers/knowledge translators 
Evidence users 
Enhancing capacities within the evidence ecosystem 
Publishers of EIDM books 
please note that exhibition slots are limited to only 20 organisations to feature!

Soon, you'll be able to register to join the EVIDENCE 2022 event in one of two ways:

  • As an engaged observer
    This category of participant dips in and out of live and recorded sessions at EVIDENCE 2022, contributing predominantly to asynchronous work. This option would suit those whose time zones are significantly different to SAST or those with unavoidably full diaries. 
  • As an active participant 
    People who want to be part of the live-action excitement present in every EVIDENCE event should select this option. Doing so will allow them to make their contributions to work synchronously and share their comments and questions during live events. This option would suit participants who can dedicate blocks of time to participating in EVIDENCE 2022 and whose time zones align with SAST. 

Full registration details and programme will be forthcoming. Submit all expressions of interest to participate in EVIDENCE 2022 to Precious Motha at ace@uj.ac.za.

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