New EIDM hub launched in time for Africa Evidence Week

2019-09-02 africa evidence week news
New EIDM hub launched in time for Africa Evidence Week
The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) secretariat has been working on rebuilding the AEN's website over the last five months, launching the first phase of the new evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) hub in early September - just in time for the Africa Evidence Week celebrations. 

The secretariat is hoping the new website will grow to become a hub for EIDM in Africa: we want the hub to be a platform from which we advocate for our African innovation, excellence, and leadership in EIDM; in which we learn about the EIDM landscape and innovations in Africa; where we can inform and be informed of the latest EIDM developments; and where we can connect as a community dedicated to making EIDM in Africa a reality. 

We welcome your feedback on our new website and ways you think we could improve it as we continue to refine it: 
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