What happened on day 4 of Africa Evidence Week?

2019-09-13 africa evidence week informs news
What happened on day 4 of Africa Evidence Week?

Africa Evidence Week is exceeding all of our expectations, and this is because of the incredible participation by organisations from across Africa and the globe celebrating Africa's EIDM. On day 4, the @Africa_evidence account had 17500 impressions, 156 retweets, 202 likes, and 57 clicks per link. Some of the highlights from this busy day on Twitter include: 

A busy day indeed! Today is the final day of #AfricaEvidenceWeek so make sure you catch the webinar about experiences from Africa about evidence, policy needs and political realities; a blog about pre-service teachers in Cameroon; and our final video of an emerging EIDM leader. Follow the conversation happening on Twitter today by following #AfricaEvidenceWeek.

Together, we have shown the world that #AfricaLovesEvidence. Now it's time to take the celebration of Africa's EIDM #BeyondAfricaEvidenceWeek to #Evidence2020

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