WEBINAR RECORDING | Africa Evidence Webinar #7: Spotlighting capacity enhancement activities, networks and opportunities across EIDM organisations

2020-07-01 advocates africa evidence webinar connects event informs learns

If you are interested in this topic, read more in the blog post, or review the webinar presentation.

The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) hosted its 7th #AfricaEvidence webinar on 30 June 2020, entitled: "Spotlighting capacity enhancement activities, networks, and opportunities across EIDM organisations in Africa: an AEN study." Drs Linda Etale and Nasreen Jessani from the AEN secretariat shared the results of a study conducted by the AEN secretariat that explored the capacity development activities of EIDM organisations in Africa. The study also investigated the potential for collaboration across institutions working in a similar space in Africa. They also shared the ongoing and planned activities in response to the recommendations.