WEBINAR RECORDING | #AfricaEvidenceWebinar | Replicable Strategies for Institutionalizing Evidence Use: Stories from Africa

2020-09-02 advocates africa evidence webinar connects event informs learns

If you are interested in this topic, read more in the blog post, or review the webinar presentation.

The Africa Evidence Network hosted the #AfricaEvidenceWebinar entitled 'Replicable Strategies for Institutionalizing Evidence Use: Stories from Africa' on 2 September.

We had the pleasure of welcoming our incredible speakers who shared their strategies for institutionalising evidence-use. 

  • Dr Justina A. Onumah, senior research scientist at the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute of the CSIR 
  • Ms Harsha Dayal, director of research in the Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation within the Presidency of South Africa 

The speakers shared on:

  • Stories of institutionalization of evidence-use in organizations from Africa, and
  • About replicable processes on strategies for increasing the use of evidence for decision-making in Africa stories of success and/or failure in explaining the institutionalisation of evidence-use in organisations.

Ms Jennifer Opare-Kumi, a PhD Candidate at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom facilitated the discussion. Ms Siziwe Ngcwabe - the AEN operations manager - chaired the webinar.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via ace@uj.ac.za.