WEBINAR RECORDING | #AfricaEvidenceWebinar | Getting research into households (GRIH) through the eBASE family-centred evidence toolkit for disability

2020-09-09 advocates africa evidence webinar connects ebaseafrica event informs learns

If you are interested in this topic, read more in the blog post, or review the webinar presentation.

The Africa Evidence Network hosted the #AfricaEvidenceWebinar entitled: 'Getting research into households (GRIH) through the eBASE family-centered evidence toolkit for disability' on 9 September 2020.

Our speakers from eBASE Africa shared how they developed an approach that uses voice and preferences of people living with disabilities, community health workers, and policy-makers to promote the use of evidence to improve the livelihoods of people living with disabilities at home and in the community. This approach is built on synthesised evidence from the global evidence community and focuses on health, education, social wellbeing, empowerment, and livelihood for people living with disabilities. 

We heard insights from: 

  • Patrick Okwen, Team Lead, eBASE Africa
  • Alvin Lontum, Research Assistant eBASE Africa and Masters Student University of Yaounde
  • Nain Yuh, Disability Program Manager, eBASE Africa
  • Aweh Akofu, Research Fellow, eBASE Africa.

This webinar is one of the pre-activities leading up to EVIDENCE 2020 ONLINE coordinated by the Enhancing Evidence Capacities working group.