#EvidenceCapacities webinar #3: Capacity development aimed at system-level change in/for evidence-use

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At this webinar, the Evidence Capacities webinar series will share discussions on the topic: Capacity development aimed at system-level change in/for evidence use.



To explore this topic more, you can read the blog post associated with this webinar. Be sure to add to the conversation by sharing your thoughts with us on LinkedIn


The objectives of the broader #EvidenceCapacitiesWebinar series are to:

  • share experiences and ideas that push our thinking on how we enhance capacity for evidence-use in Africa;
  • enhance connections that can lead to collaborations among AEN members to strengthen evidence capacities using evidence and practice-informed approaches; and
  • for these discussions to be the basis for improving and illustrating the Africa Evidence Network's Manifesto on capacity development for evidence-use in Africa