MEMBER VIDEO | Enhancing Evidence Capacities Working Group


Evidence 2023 will continue connecting conversations that are rooted in the three work streams which were launched during EVIDENCE 2020 ONLINE, where participants actively contributed to the development of concepts, Manifestos, or visualisations – among other things – within these different work streams.

Meet the working group members of work stream one - "enhancing evidence capacities". The members of this working group include:

  1. Patrick Okwen, team lead, Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa, Cameroon.
  2. Maxwell Banu, monitoring, and evaluation manager, TEERE, Ghana.
  3. Penka Bogne, researcher, and storyteller, Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa, Cameroon.
  4. Diana Warira, policy manager, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL), Kenya
  5. Wiseman Zulu, Monitoring and Evaluation expert, Department of Science and Innovation, Indigenous Knowledge Systems unit, South Africa.
  6. Enock Musungwini, programme manager, Pangaea Zimbabwe AIDS Trust (PZAT), Zimbabwe.
  7. Jacklyne Ashubwe-Jalemba, Director, Medwise Solutions Consultancy Ltd, Kenya.