At the end of March, the Africa Evidence Network slid into your inbox with its brand-new offering: A podcast promising a comprehensive look at the African evidence ecosystem, history, progress, pitfalls and future. On the 24th of May we officially launch the pod with our maiden episode from Prof Ruth Stewart offering a tour of the ecosystem and an introduction to some of the people who help build it. 

Great strides have been made in Africa to advance Evidence-Informed Decision-Making and Implementation (EIDM/I) in government and other sectors. This ranges from efforts made to capacitate decision-makers, to the institutionalisation of EIDM within the policy-making cycle. The aim of this podcast, therefore, is to cast a light on the African evidence ecosystem, with a specific focus on the history, progress, pitfalls, and the future.

Themes to be covered

  • What does EIDM/I look like in Africa
  • History/progression of EIDM in Africa
  • EIDM leaders/pioneers in Africa
  • Mechanisms used to promote/advance EIDM
  • Institutionalization of EIDM in Africa
  • EIDM Innovations in the continent
  • Future of EIDM

The launch party aims to raise the profile of this newest resource among AEN membership.