VIDEO | Session 17: The Art and Science of Evidence Use: Launching the Global EIDM Evidence Map


This panel saw the launch of the Global evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) evidence map. Exploring the art and science of using evidence it will zoom in on the results of an evidence map of applied global interventions aimed at supporting decision-makers’ use of evidence in various contexts. The panellists will discuss a range of interventions, including training programs and knowledge translation tools, that actively intervene in the current decision-making status quo with the aim of making decision-making more receptive to evidence use.

Chair: Tanja Kuchenmüller, WHO

Presenter: Promise Nduku, Pan-African Collective for Evidence, Deputy Director


1. Joseph Chukwudi Okeibunor: WHO, AFRO Regional Advisor
2. Laura dos Santos Boeria: Instituto Veredas, Executive Director
3. Rose Oronje: AFIDEP, Director, Public Policy & Knowledge Translation, & Head of Kenya Office